Factful Agility Framework Book

After more than 20 years of Agile movement, many organizations have not yet achieved the agile promises.

Why? Because many agile practitioners have sought to implement different frameworks, and have defined their success metrics for implementing these frameworks or methods.

Buzzword-centric Transformation

“We want to implement OKR”, “We want to implement Scrum”, “We want to adopt agile”. So, We hire a buzzword-coach, Trainer and she will teach us how to do this. And people will show resistance against the buzzword. She is trying to sell her service to companies.

This kind of change programs is buzzword centric. Agile mindset helped us to create “Customer-centric” products, but why we define a change program “buzzword-centric”?

It is time to go back to the promises of agility and define a change plan based on results and outcomes.

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